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I’m visiting Amsterdam for the first time. What to doooo? Where to begin?

No stress! If all goes to crap, simply start at Central Station and start walking South or rent a bike. The old center has goodies for days. It’s foolproof. More details? Check our full city guides, food tips and weird guides.

Be honest. Do I really need to see anything other than Amsterdam?

Uhm… YES! The Netherlands has hundreds of adorable towns, fishing villages and the best museums. Not to mention the tranquil countryside with endless biking trails. Beaches and dunes. Culture up the wazoo. Try visiting some offbeat medieval towns without other tourists, or take your family on a relaxed trip. They’re worth it – pinky swear.

But is Amsterdam my favorite city? Yes it is.

What are the best areas to visit in the Netherlands?

Ah.. aren’t you glad you met us? Try our article on most popular provinces in NL for a quick answer to a complicated question. Personal favorites areas are Limburg, Brabant, the villages north of Amsterdam and adorable Veere.

Or simply contact us for a tailored itinerary and/or a quick Zoom call.

What’s it like for solo females to travel the Netherlands?

The Netherlands consistently ranks in the top 5 of most gender equal countries in the world. Catcalling isn’t a huge thing here and you can safely walk the streets or have dinner by yourself without a feeling of unrest. You might want to avoid a few Amsterdam and Rotterdam alleys around 3AM, but even there you should be fine. Do keep your bag a little closer around Amsterdam’s Dam Square, though that goes for any gender. Prisons in the Netherlands are rapidly closing down, because the crime rate is so low. Nice.

What’s it like for LGBTQ+ to travel the Netherlands?

For the most part, the Netherlands is very liberal and a safe place for LGBTQ+. One of the nation’s biggest pride is being the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage (in 2001). Amsterdam specifically is known as the ‘Gay Capital of Europe’

What books do you recommend for visiting the Netherlands?

Skip the Lonely Planet guide. Who needs them, when you have this site for travel info. Want a speed course in getting to know the Netherlands? Check out the entertaining ‘Why the Dutch are differentby expat Ben Coates, or learn the language with ‘Controversial Dutch Quick and Easy’.

What camera gear do you use?

Best item in our bag is the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens. We carry a Canon 90D camera, a Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 lens, a 50mm 1.8 lens, and an iPhone 11.

Who's in the crew and can I join?

All content on MH is written by Dutch locals, born and raised. We’re always open for new writers, new ideas or blog swaps. Don’t just go about writing an article we might not want – we’d feel terribly guilty. Please send an email first.

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